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Blitar Regent Closed the Incredible Panji Nusantara Festival in Blitar

Kamis, 11 Juli 2019

Blitar – In the series of Blitar Anniversary 695, the second day of the Panji Nusantara and Nusantara Festival was held and was directly attended by Blitar Regent Drs. Rijanto, MM at the Amphitheater of Penataran on Wednesday night (7/7/2019).

The appearance of the Panji Nusantara Festival was opened by the artist Ronggo Hadi Negoro Blitar, then the performance from Yogyakarta, ISI Surakarta, West Java and was closed by Dramatari Sang Setyawan from Blitar.

Dramatari Sang Setyawan performance

In his speech, the Blitar Regent invited residents of Blitar to witness the Ludruk mBlitaran which will be played by him and the Forkopimda with the play Ragil Kuning on Thursday (07/11/2019). The Regent also said that currently, Livi Zheng, a successful director from Blitar in Hollywood, is taking pictures of De Santri films in several places in Blitar.

The event was closed with a photo together with the artists as well as giving souvenirs by the Regent to representatives of the artists. In addition, the Nusantara culinary festival, UMKM bazaar and heritage and carnelian exhibits can be enjoyed outside the amphitheater

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