Forkopimda and Blitar Regent Playing Ludruk mBlitaran Successfully Seized the Attention of Thousands of Blitar Residents

Blitar – For the first time Ludruk mBlitaran performances with the play Ragil Kuning were played by the Blitar Regent along with the Foritarimda Blitar line in the series of Blitar 695 Anniversary at Ampitheater Penataran on Thursday night (07/11/2019).

Blitar regent played Ki Demang in Ludruk mBlitaran

Ludruk mBlitaran presents the story of Panji Asmara Bangun and his younger sister Ragil Kuning with a conversation that is fresh and easily accepted by the general public by inserting a Javanese song which is performed nicely by Megawati, an artist from Blitar who also presents Lusi Brahman from Ponorogo, and accompanied by a fresh joke by Joni and Sukro from Kediri.

Incredible Ludruk mBlitaran

Moreover, the Forkopimda line played nicely Ragil Kuning story with Blitar Regent as Demang Banjarsari, Blitar Police Chief as Prabu Amiluhur, Blitar City Police Chief as Banjarsari Village Head, 0808 / Blitar Dandim as Patih, Danyon 511 as Manggala Yudha, Head of District Court as Chief Judge and head of the state Prosecutor’s Office as Jeksa Negeri.

Ludruk mBlitaran was ended by singing Blitar Kang Kawentar song together and taking pictures with the residents as a series of # harijadiblitar695