Blitar Regency Government Holds Pilgrimage to Pangeran Sambernyawa’s Tomb

Ziarah ke Makam Pangeran Sambernyawa

BLITARKAB. Historically, his name since birth was Raden Mas Said, thanks to his skill in fighting and always paralyzing his enemies, Raden Mas Said earned the nickname Prince Sambernyawa. His struggle in resisting injustice is what needs inspiration for all of us.

For this reason, the Blitar Regent Drs. H. Rijanto, MM accompanied by his beloved Wife Hj. Ninik Rijanto and Regency Secretary, Assistant and Head of OPD and made a pilgrimage or nyekar as a tradition of commemorating Prince Sambernyawa’s located in Astana Mangadeg, Karang Bangun, Matesih District, Karanganyar, Central Java. Apart from that, his adherence also provided the spirit and inspiration to build Blitar be better.