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Anniversary Logo Blitar 695 and Batik of Blitar Officially Launched

Senin, 01 Juli 2019

Blitar- The Blitar Regency Government has inaugurated the logo for Blitar Anniversary 695 also launched Batik of Blitar at the Amphitheater of Penataran on Thursday (6/27/2019). Besides being attended by Blitar Regent Drs. Rijanto, MM, Regional Secretary, Forkopimda, SKPD, Batik Craftsmen, Micro Business Activists, Head of BUMN and invited guests, this event was also attended by the community and the public who were so enthusiastic to see the inauguration of the Blitar Regency logo and batik.

Symbolic Button Emphasis by Blitar Regent

The interesting thing about this event is that in addition to the inauguration of the anniversary logo in the form of elements of the Triangle Diamonds (Sirah Kencong, Pantai and Candi) there are also large Koi fish encircling the number 695, also launched batik of Blitar designed by designers from Blitar through guardianship patterns on their batik that can improve the economy of citizens.

Batik of Blitar Exhibited by Jeng Blitar

After the launch of the logo and the batik of Blitar, it could be a spirit to play an active role in every Blitar Anniversary event to keep the regency be “Kawentar“. This event is the initial series for Blitar 695 Anniversary with the highlight of the event on next August 5, 2019[]

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