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Blitar Regency Government Join Three Events for Promoting Amazing Blitar in Apkasi Otonomi Expo Jakarta

Kamis, 04 Juli 2019

BLITAR KAB -On Thursday (04/07/2019) Blitar Regency Government participated three events at Merak Room Jakarta Convention Center as part of AOE (Apkasi Otonomi Expo).

Coffee from Blitar presented by Wima

The first event, Executive Dialogue and Business Matching Forum “Business Partnership to Improve Sustainable Local Economy”. It is a meeting for connecting many investors. Blitar Regency represented by Arif Zamroni, SH, MM Activists of Cacao from Blitar and Wima Brahmantya as CO. the Coffee plantation Karanganjar for best presentation of Blitar’s product to invite many investors.

Workshop for Regency Branding

The second event, Regency Branding Workshop “Tricks for Investors and Buyers Through City or Regency Branding”. It was collaboration event between Bank Indonesia (BI) with all Districts in Indonesia, BI which has the aim of helping and advancing the region. City or regional branding is useful for improving and promoting districts starting from products, tourism, and potential in the district. One example of a successful brand like Banyuwangi has changed the image of the city which popular by “santet” into an internet city. It is expected that the workshop will be able to increase the potential of each region, especially Blitar Regency.

The last event was the election of the 2019 Autonomy Apkasi ambassador. Blitar District sent representatives from Jeng 2018 and BNN ambassadors. Of the total 32 registered participants, Blitar Regency entered the top 20 first appearances. All representatives pay attention to the traditional clothes used. In the last 20 of the Blitar Regency featured Geguritan. The hope to be the winner for representing Apkasi Ambassador 2019.

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