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Kawentar Won the Best Technical Category in Apkasi Otonomi Expo Film Festival 2019 in Jakarta

Jum'at, 05 Juli 2019

Jakarta-Apkasi Otonomi Expo (AOE) which was attended by 416 Regencies throughout Indonesia has officially closed on Friday (05/07/2019). In this closing, several winner categories were officially announced.

For the election of the ambassadors of Otonomi Daerah won by West Kutai Regency, with the first Runner Up of Sidoarjo Regency and Barito Kuala Regency as the second Runner Up. For the other 7 categories, the Favorite ambassador was obtained by representatives of Batang Regency, the tourism ambassador from West Sumbawa Regency, the ambassador of friendship from Ngawi Regency, the ambassador of environment was from Batanghari Regency, the ambassador of creativity was from Polewali Mandar Regency, the ambassador of Catwalk Fashion was from Karangasem Regency, the Photogenic ambassador was Regency from Karawang. While Blitar got 20 among hundreds of representatives of Princess Autonomy from other districts.

Blitar got 20 nominee for the ambassador of Otonomi Daerah election

For the Communicative Stand category, the first winner is Sidoarjo, second was West Bandung, and third Bogor. Creative Category with Maros First place winner, followed by Klungkung and Polewali Mandar. The Special Design category was obtained by West Bandung, which was followed by Ngawi and Tanah Bumbu. The Inspirational Category was won by Serdang Beragai, followed by Ngawi and Siak. Meanwhile, Favorite regency is Jayapura while General winner is obtained by West Bandung.

Kawentar (2019) won for the best technical achievement

For the category of Apkasi Film Festival: Blitar Regency won the Video Winner of the Best Technical Achievement through Film Kawentar (2019). The Film category with the best stories was obtained by North Lombok Regency through the Film Sharing Rasa in North Land. The best regional video category was won by Gianyar Regency through the Film of Scratchy Men of Keliki. The best video profile category was obtained by Tanah Datar District by Dodi Juli Hendri. The Favorite Category of the Best Viewers is the film The journey to Ngawi Ramah State owned by Ngawi Regency.

Yusuf Mansur led the prayer

The closing was accompanied by a prayer led by Ustaz Yusuf Mansur, attended by the Chair of the Apkasi in 2019, namely the Regent of Banyuwangi, Azwar Anas, who succeeded in changing Banyuwangi’s branding from “santet” to ‘internet’ regency. It was also closed with a dance from Polewali Mandar Regency as a sign that the AOE program was over.

Blitar Regency is proud of the victory of Kawentar Film, which happens to be said by “Kawentar” to be one of the 695 Anniversary logo material, Blitar Kang Kawentar. Hopefully this will be the beginning of the progress of Blitar Regency, be “Kawentar” in the future.

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